Questioning My Future

I'm going to a private lutheran college in less than a month. It's a good school but I'm questioning if its what I really want. 
I've changed alot this summer and now i'm worried i'm going to hate it there. It sounds bad but i was a very religious person throughout highschool and now i feel like thats not really me.
It was what my family wanted me to be, and now im going to the school my family wants me to go to. 
I envy my friends going out of the cities, the state, even the country. I'm starting to feel like I settled with going to this school. I'm already thinking of transfering next year. I know I'm going to go for at least this year cause everything is all set. I just don't know what to do next.
Maybe I'm over thinking it. Maybe I'll love it there, I'm just really worried I won't.
Everyone is so excited for school, I wish I was.

tealove tealove
Aug 3, 2010