Tearaway's Hesitation

In the most general terms, the human biological clock is set for two alarms. When the first alarm goes off, at birth, the clock chimes learn, learn, learn, learn, learn.    

When the second alarm goes off, at the onset of puberty, the clock chimes mate, mate, mate, mate, mate.
The chime that goes learn, learn, learn never disappears entirely, but it becomes relatively faint at the onset of puberty. At that point, children cease to want to follow their parents around in the learning dance. Instead, they want to follow each other around in the mating dance.

We, of course, in our greater wisdom have decreed that the biological clock regulated by our genes must be ignored.

From http://www.ishmael.org/Education/Writings/unschooling.shtml

Aha! I thought as I read this.  This is why all my friends at university are all putting on the beer goggles and sowing their wild oats, of course with actually sowing them being NOT the desired outcome.  Being a parent and all would of course, totally, screw up the future.

Not that I'm against partying.

Or learning.

I'm just confused about the environment of "college/university".  What am I meant to do there? 

Drop a hundred and fifty grand on a ****** education I coulda got for a dollah fifty in late chahges at the public library

AND get a pretty certificate.

tearaway tearaway
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No I didn't! >:/ What kind of shoddy establishment are you running here Lilt?

Did you get the scholarship Tearaway?

*sniff* <br />
Pollen is correct.<br />
Your scholarship should be processed within 2 days or maybe 2 months or maybe you will receive a text in a few minutes.

I'm going to say pollen, scholarship or no.

It is a flower! <br />
See, you've already passed the entrance exam.<br />
If you answer the next question correctly, you may be eligible for a scholarship.<br />
<br />
Is that make-up concealer under my eyes, <br />
or pollen?

:) you're right. As long as they serve kaffe.

I thought the hat was a flower..?<br />
A banana hat college would be A-OK with me. Since I am a monkey and all. :)

Hey, my college has a 7 year plan.

Lilt went to college and she's still wearing a banana hat... go to college but... don't go to Lilt's college. ;-)

I have no flippin idea. I want to study it all. But I can't reeeaallllyyy. Maybe film? Or something arty. I'm a little indecisive. I have a year to decide.

College will be the best experience ever. <br />
That's where you learn about life. You will leave with still a lot of unanswered questions, but the trip is worth it.<br />
What do you think you would like to study?

I love it when Lilt knocks! And says profound stuff. My Mum'd like you, Lilt. You guys could talk flowers too. She's big on flowers.

***knock*knock***<br />
Go to college, tearaway.

Genius. Here's the box.... and there you are ------><br />
Agreed. lolb-b-q.

We can keep it phonetic by makin it lolb-b-q. So Lolb is one syllable. Ja, gut? I'm a problem-solver to the core.

BBQing is my favorite. haha, yesterday I verbalized lolbbq as "loll-bee-queue." So I keep reading it as that now. I know it's missing a syllable of "B" but it rolls right off the tongue. It makes me lolbbq.

Oh that's pretty Fresh. I get it now. I'm sure Francine Pascal or someone has named a series after most of those years. <br />
We'd say 'First Year', cause we like to keep things difficult. The first high school I went to was called a College. It made sense. But when adults who were noobs tried to start an un-cliche'd conversation said 'So, are you going to college?', they'd just confuse the heck out of me. Noobs. <br />
Also that reviewer review is pretty BBQ man. I BBQed when I read it.

I guess phrasing is different there. It's the first year of high school or college / university. It goes Freshman then Sophomore then Junior and Senior. Sometimes cliche'd music reviews call a band's second album their "sophomore effort" because they were too busy being not-good at their jobs.

Coooooooooooool guys. Good Will Hunting is fun.<br />
Um, what's freshmen year?

I think college is all about what you make it. If you go there to party, you can and if you go there to learn, you will. I do believe some people just aren't cut out for college. I had many friends who never came back second semester of freshman year. Although you can learn from books, college can help put a person in the fr<x>ame of mind to learn....that's what you are there to do. Plus, even though it's sad to say, you can be the smartest person in the world, but without a college degree or any higher education whatsoever, it can be very difficult to get a job. Hell, it's difficult to get a job even if you have a college degree. What am I talking about? This economy sucks!

All I remember from college is almost going to University Of Rhode Island and a semester and a third at the local community college here. I remember it was summer in R.I. and the whole campus is old and pretty and all but the building I was picking my classes in was hot as. The top floor with no air conditioning. I recall just picking almost at random just to get out of the Depardieu Zone. I messed up the first three times and had conflicts and the 4th was the money shot, apparently. So I ran away. That should've told me how serious I was about college at that time haha.<br />
<br />
Community college was fun. I took drawing. I'm best with charcoal but not good with anything, really. I remember I smoked a joint in the parking lot before one drawing class once and everything was so much more arty.<br />
<br />
I dropped out during photography class. Somehow... the line had been crossed haha. It wasn't a total waste though. I met Minnie Driver there.