Not Sure.

I've always had friends say they are christian or methodist or something like that or catholic, baptist..I have no idea what I am.  I don't go to church anymore and not even sure if I believe in God, heaven or hell.  I definitely don't believe about the anti-christ and how God or Jesus is going to come back and kill everyone except everyone who is saved.  It just doesn't make sense to me.  I'm not trying to put down anyones religion I'm just confused. 

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I'm not sure what I am either anymore.<br />
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I believe there is a God and that most of the Bible is true. I don't believe God answers my prayers but still pray for relaxation but with no expectation of an answer. Don't think God does anything in my life.<br />
I see going to church and Bible study as a waste of time so don't do it anymore.<br />
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Does this make me a semi-Christian/practical atheist?

I understand. I feel the same way. My parents believe in Budda, my friends are Christian, and I've grown up listening to them talk about God and Jesus. I don't go to church though and I'm not all like I love God!