I've Always Felt Attracted To Both

All my life I've had crushes on boys. Without a doubt, I know I like boys. I'm not a lesbian. But I just might no be completely straight. Because I know I never wanted to admit it, but I've felt attracted to girls before.

Not just once or twice, plenty of times. Sometimes when I think about growing up and getting married, I imagine a women. I don't mean too, it's not me experimenting. That's truly just the way I feel. I want girls a lot.

I don't know how is sounds, but I'm sexually attracted to breasts. There are girls I see at my school that I wouldn't mind...doing inappropriate things with.

So I suppose I'm bi. Or straight to a point. I'm confused.
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1 Response May 12, 2012

I'm right there with you.. although I've never really felt that attracted to women. I more can see myself with them although I never picture myself with one I actually know...