Divorced Man


A few weeks ago, my brother-in-law’s sister Mel introduced me to her husband’s cousin, Zach.  The introduction happened at Mel’s wedding which made me feel awkward because the wedding was held at my sister’s house.  I’ve never tried to interact and engage with any men in front of my older sister. However, when I was talking to Zack, I realized I enjoyed the conversation because I felt connected and entertained.  After the wedding, we exchanged numbers and parted our own way. The following week, we managed to get together and spent a good amount of time together.

I’m a very easy-going person and I am talkative; I talk to anyone and everyone. After a few conversations with Zack, I got to find out that he was twenty-six years old, divorced, and have two kids. I was shocked. Here is where my problem is: I am nineteen, a college student, and taken. I already have a boyfriend, but things are a bit iffy now; I already know things will not work out between us. I like Zack, and I like a lot but I just don’t know how to be a friend to him. We have a few things in common and I can seem to picture myself sharing a relationship with this guy but not inheriting his two kids. When I am around him, I am myself. I keep thinking in my mind that he’s divorced and I shouldn’t even be talking to him because there are older women out there for him, but is that wrong? Am I profiling?

If he was to ask me to be his girlfriend, I’m afraid I might have to reject him because I don’t want to lose him. I am unsure of my actual feelings, this feeling. I like him, but at this point I cannot accept his kids. I don’t want to lead him on any further but I know he will end up being the one to get hurt anyhow. Is there any way to prevent this? Will my feelings about his kids change along the way? I’m so stuck!

What do I do? I know he is expecting to be more than friends. I want to be more than friends also but there are those little factors that make a huge difference.


hunniesmile hunniesmile
Mar 17, 2009