Confused About My Major

I don't know what I want... I keep making up excuses not to go for my dreams. I want to be an artist and perhaps give a little twist and become an art teacher. I would really love to do that. But many people have told me especially my parents that art will be taken off the system and then that you will not earn a dime with that career... I start to worry. I really want to do but I'm afraid it'll take me no where. I have made up two cartoons that I yet to see anywhere in the planet, my own little creations. I want to go to an art school and show them a collection of drawings throughout my life. I really want to but I'm afraid.
I need advice, my boyfriend's co-worker (my friends too) told me to shut- up and do it. They got upset because I have talent and I should enhance it especially since I have a passion for it.
My major right now is Elementary teaching and I sometimes sit in class thinking will I have the patience to deal with these kids. I hate studying and read... I doodle most of my class time. Only when my Professor is talking about unnecessary things that have nothing to do with the class which is frequently.
My friends opened my eyes and made me realize that I should go for it but I'm still scared. What the hell should I do??? I'm so freaking stupid for not going for my dream and making up excuses ugh.
Please anyone, help me!
Richardsgirl87 Richardsgirl87
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2 Responses Sep 15, 2012

Quit wasting time and go for it. You'll regret it for the rest of your life if you don't make a serious effort, and regret is very poisoness indeed. I know.

Go for it! You're lucky to have a gift and know what you love to do. A lot of people go through life trying to discover their passions. This is your career - you're going to be doing it everyday. It should be something you love doing :)