Im Confused About My Future

im soconfused as to what  and where mylife is leading me right now. i came out of university 4years ago with the dream of wanting to set up a company for myself. everyone around  me thought i should get a good job first. i wasn't so amused. i went round doing small jobs with media companies, signing up for studio work in music,presenting programmes on tv, doing the catwalk thing even though im thickboned and combined it with adminstrative office work which i so love. im so very smart when it comes to adminstration and organizing of events but im also very creative hence i took a year course in interior decoration and did another professional course in purchasing. my deepest desire apart from setting up a dream company to help the needy in society and to help fulfil people's dreams is to be the media girlin light of singing and doing my own records, being an actress, a talks show hostess and a super model. my heart cries out everytime because i don't know where to start from and i dont want this to be just a fantasy for me. it eats me up every morning and leaves me regret growing up cos i feel none of my dreams can be real.  

kathlyne kathlyne
26-30, F
1 Response Sep 28, 2009

Follow your heart. Organize. Prioritize. Make and take a plan of action. If God closes one door another will open. Keep faith and be persistent.