Continue Or Not...?

I've been with my boyfriend for a year and a half now and we are very happy. The problem is, lately I've been feeling unsure of whether I want to settle with him or not. We were looking to be moving in together but I'm now feeling like this might not be a good idea. Although we are happy, I haven't been 'on my own' - i.e. without a boyfriend and totally independent since I was 15, I'm 23 now. I feel I need time to spread my wings a bit before I settle but I don't want to give up on a relationship that potentially be great... what do you think??


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2 Responses Apr 12, 2009

U want dump him without any big problem ?? simply just curiousity hahaha... ??? i will say .. better not .. hmm it wont be any good like this .. its my honest opinion :)<br />
let say ur not ready u want to play around .. and u hurt him. .. later it will be like some1 else got him and heal his heart and .. for real ... "true love" << is ghost tht people talk alot but rare that actually ever see and why give up on him where the potential is there ?? oh well ...

Almost the same thing happened to me two days ago. My gf was unsure on our relationship and told me that she doesnt wanna regret not being single when she grows up but wanted to stay together and told me she loves me more than anything but im not so sure on anything now and im afraid it will ruin our relationship but i just dont know what to do.

you are the onley one that can decide think whats in your heart and talk to him he might feel the same