I Have About Eighteen Years With God And Not Church, Therefore God Is My Teacher Through His Words Of Truth Rather Than The Twisted Words Of Man.




The world today and its religious people are exactly as God said they would be in Revelation 12:9; blind with their own destruction waste and desolation in route only to bring down upon them all the worst living nightmares that go far beyond the horrors that one can even comprehend. I have no fears of death because I can see the light, so if I live or if I die it will be only to glorify our eternal creator according to His will and not mine; and we all need the same Spirit of truth within your own heart to be spiritually prepared for what is coming in ways that can not be changed. I am no man of doom and gloom, but only a man with enough care to give you a warning that is written of what you’re realties actually are which cannot be found in churches that prefer the ways of man over the commandments of God. My dedication to God goes far beyond faith; because the way of my life is action in progress while overcoming hate and the daily difficulties of only survival of the lowest form.


We live in a world full of evil with more hate and darkness than what the natural mind (1 Corinthians 2:14) can even begin to absorb; but why? Is not God Almighty a God of love? Yes He is for those who can understand how love and punishments can go hand in hand when eternity becomes involved. Who commands to kill the inhabitants of a kingdom with a great slaughter where none are left breathing? God does, read Joshua; and that slaughter includes all ages. Why does God allow suffering? The Lord can make you rich and the Lord can make you poor. He can bring people low and He can lift them up (1 Samuel 2). God also appoints rulers of kingdoms whether they are evil individuals or not. Daniel 2:21

When He commands famine and drought people die. When natural disasters strike at anytime anywhere in the world; many thousands die and hundreds of thousands are affected with loss, ruin and injuries; yet God Almighty can control all things if He chooses; so why does He allow so much death and the suffering? Why such horrible child abuse in physical, mental and perverted ways to the innocent children that did not come into this world by answering an invitation? Why plagues, diseases, starvation and wars that have killed billions? Why such a low level of human nature that is the cause of greed, hate, corruption and every form of evil known to mankind? God knows all things and can do all things because nothing is too difficult for Him to perform. God is so magnificent that He even knows the intent of the heart within all of His created beings. God Almighty has no beginning and has no end, and with that knows not time; therefore he is now in eternity past while being present within all hearts that have become devoted to only Him while also being in eternity future. Is the Majestic God of Glory full of powers and beauties that go far beyond the human mind even deep within your heart as your words claim with no obedience from your own heart?  


Or only deep within you’re words while showing no genuine love towards others beyond false words spoken? Welcome to the churches of modern Christianity full of blindness that hides behind self pride that overrides thy word is truth. Christ had no part of pagan holidays yet your teachers celebrate them and so do your fellow sisters and brethren; therefore majority wins over Christ even though it’s not written in the words that we are to live by. And they call me the lost in darkness because I follow Christ? Does that mean that all one needs to do is simply join in with the blind being led by the blind and will be saved? Oops, another blind spot not taught is the ways of salvation. Yes your sins have been forgiven; you’re sins of the past before you came to Christ Romans 3:25. To maintain that forgiveness for your life from that point onward requires repentance which requires constant self examination to overcome this world of darkness and deception with Satan as god. It is only those who overcome that will be in the 1st resurrection at the last trump after the tribulation when Christ returns. And it will be only those who will reign with Christ because they have become prepared by overcoming as Christ overcame the wicked one (god of this world 2 Corinthians 4:4) who lies and deceives as the prince and power of the air (Ephesians 2:2) which is a false spirit (1 John 4:1, 6) that works in the children (congregations) of disobedience.


So why does God allow suffering? And why has God slaughtered? And why are there so many other horrors such as tortures?  The answers are in your Bible; but are they taught to you? Your death is coming; but you have not been taught why because you’re blinded teachers don’t even know it; or what they do know is only partial truth lacking the fullness as the how and why with choice of direction; therefore blindness shall be the cause of your temporary end to come until the 2nd resurrection.


There are many wars for Israel written in the Bible past, present and yet to come. If they were acknowledging God He always gave them the victory; but when they went on their own thoughts and ways they became the slaughter victims rather than the enemies. And the people of God are no different today as they think they know it all therefore need not acknowledge God in all their ways; therefore are led by the spirit of error; so the greatest slaughter that has ever been is coming and will be stretched out through the years to come as the worst time of trouble that has ever been since there was a nation Daniel 12. Is the truth of God heresy? When thy word is truth is that out of context? To the teachers and congregations of today any words that do not match their own deception are both; and they accuse; therefore what God leads me to write is not believed.


So who are you and who is Israel?




by Herman L Hoeh (c1957)

     We are often asked this question: "If the British Commonwealth is Ephraim and the U.S.A. is Manasseh, where are the other tribes of Israel"? 

    There has never given a satisfactory answer. In fact, they have contended at times that the half-tribe of Manasseh, which lived east of the Jordan, is Japan, and that Dan is Germany. All their attempted historical research neglects the Bible as the only guide to INTERPRETATION of historical evidence. 

    We already understand the undeniable identity of Ephraim and Manasseh. By a process of elimination, the other tribes appear quickly--knowing first of all that the Scandinavian peoples and those of Western Europe are Israel. In these nations we have all the required characteristics which we find in no other group. To prove which tribe each is today, we need to prove which country has the identifying signs of each tribe AND prove that no other country has such signs. 

    Here is the Biblical and historical evidence placing the tribal boundaries today:


     In Genesis 49 we have a prophecy concerning the state of each of the tribes in the "Latter days" and also in Deuteronomy 33, a chapter dealing with the blessings. With these two main chapters as guides, we can rightly INTERPRET obscure historical evidence that no history book yet clarifies.

    1 and 2: Ephraim and Manasseh are already designated. 

    3: Judah constituted mainly the House of Judah, to be scattered among all nations, becoming a taunt and a byword. We are not to expect them as a separate nation among Israel today, defying all who would come against them. A small part of Judah was carried captive with Israel (II Kings 18:13), as found in the records of the Assyrian kings. Thus, among Israel we should find a small remnant of Judah. We locate the name as Jutes, and living in Jutland, Denmark. Some migrated to England. 

    4: Levi, the priestly tribe, was to be scattered in Israel (Gen. 49:5-7). God never gave them land to inherit as the other tribes. Therefore, we should not expect them to be given territory today. Nothing is said in Deut. 33 about inheriting land. Among the Jews today we find many bearing the names: Levi, Levy, Levine. Others bear the name "Cohen" and its variations. The Hebrew word "Kohen" means priest and is so translated 725 times in the King James version. Here then, we have the great bulk of Levi--scattered among Judah because they left their priestly functions in Israel almost totally (I Kings 12:31). 

    5: Simeon received no blessing from Moses. In fact, he does not even mention the tribe! Jacob said God would scatter them throughout Israel. How? Take a map of Palestine for the time of the division of the land. Notice that Simeon did have an inheritance SOUTH of Judah. When Judah separated from Israel, Judah occupied that territory, yet Simeon went with Israel! The only explanation is that Simeon migrated into Israel generally, but no new territory was assigned to Simeon. This tribe became scattered. It is possible that the small scattered tribes in Western Europe, variously called the Senones or Semaones or Sennones, represented the fragments of the tribe of Simeon. 

    6: Reuben, unstable as water and having the excellency of greatness, we have recognized as France. Southern France, settled by the descendants of Javan (the Greeks), is gentile. The only democratic country, that is unstable, yet sets the styles for the world, has the form of real excellency, and has the same sex weakness as Reuben, is France. When rightly translated, Moses says: "Let Reuben live, and not die in that his men become few" (Deut. 33:6). Of all the western nations, France has the lowest birthrate, although at one time France was the most populous country in all Europe, outnumbering England nearly 6 to 1. No other country in all the world fits all these qualifications. And is it not significant that the very country at war with England around 1800 should be France (Reuben), who would lose the birthright in the Napoleonic war? (Napoleon was Italian.) 

    7: Dan was originally divided into two parts, one about Joppa, a seaport, and the other in the north of Palestine. Dan refused to fight along side the other tribes against the Gentiles (Judges 5:17). Dan would judge, or stand up to rule, his own people as one of the separate tribes of Israel--indicating he would gain self-government in the following manner: "Dan shall be  a serpent in the way, a  horned snake in the part, that biteth the horse's heels, so that his rider falleth, backward."  Ireland has done just that to England. In fact, the symbol of the illegal Irish Republican Army was the coiled snake!

     Dan would also be like a young lion leaping forth, an apt description of Denmark which acquired the Virgin Islands, Greenland, Iceland and other islands in her heyday. Especially unique is the fact that of all the tribes Northern Dan still preserves their father's name--the Danes!

     8: Benjamin constitutes Norway and Iceland. The Icelandic people in reality a colony of Norwegians. Benjamin was given to David because Jerusalem, David's capital, was in the tribe of Benjamin, not Judah. God said He would give David light in Jerusalem (I Kings 11:36). This verse could not refer to Judah which did not have to be given to the Jewish House of David. Benjamin was told to flee the destruction of Jerusalem (Jer. 6:1) which many of them did. 

    Benjamin is compared to "a wolf that raveneth; in the morning he devoureth the prey, and at even he divideth the spoil" (Gen. 49:27). This is certainly an apt description of the Vikings who pillaged Northern Europe, and even Mediterranean regions. Almost all Viking raids came from Norway. It is also significant that Benjamin, the smallest tribe, still is the smallest today. There are fewer Norwegians (plus 148 thousand from Iceland) than any other Israelite nation. (Moses' blessing in Deut. 33 has particular reference to this fact that Jerusalem was in the tribe of Benjamin.) 

    9: Issachar is compared to a "large-boned ***," Jacob continues: "For he saw a resting-place that it was good, and the land that it was pleasant; and he BOWED HIS SHOULDER TO BEAR, and became a SERVANT UNDER "ASSWORK." (Gen. 49:14-15.) An *** is not the most intelligent of animals, but it is a willing worker. Such is Finland. Finland is the ONLY nation that has voluntarily taken the full responsibility of her debts. She is today paying off a huge indemnity to Russia. Her land is pleasant and good, not extraordinarily rich. According to Deuteronomy 33:19 she derives wealth from fishing and from hidden treasures of the sand--gigantic peat bogs and the finest sand for glass-making. Issachar is not  a colonizing people--they dwell pastorally "in tents," said Moses.

     10: Nepthali represents Sweden--"satisfied with favor, full with the blessings of the Lord." She is compared to a prancing hind or deer and "giveth goodly words" (Gen. 49:21). From Sweden, with a well-balanced economy, come the Nobel prizes in token to great world accomplishments. Sweden, during two world wars and the recent trouble in Palestine, sent her emissaries to speak words of conciliation and peace. The promise by Moses to possess "the sea and the south" is applicable both to ancient Nepthali and modern Sweden: notice the position of the Sea of Galilee and Baltic relative to the position of this tribe.

     11: Zebulun settled in Holland (The Netherlands). Zebulun dwell at the "shore of the sea, and he shall be a shore for ships, and his flank shall be upon Zidon"--a Gentile country. Moses said: "rejoice, Zebulun, in thy going out." She takes also treasures from the sea and the sand, Zebulun, then, is a colonizing people. She is not a pillaging people as Benjamin. 

    12: Gad, which means "the troop" certainly designates Switzerland--the only Israelite nation in which every man is mobilized for defense. Against Gad would come the foreign troops, said Jacob, but he will "trod upon their heel." Moses declared that Gad does NOT "leap," a characteristic of the colonizing or pillaging tribes. Gad "teareth the arm, yea, the crown of the head"--of the Holy Roman Empire, in whose territory "he chose a first part for himself, and there a portion of a ruler was reserved." To Gad come "the heads of the people"--as they do today to Geneva. No other nation on earth so perfectly fits this description of a nation of troops.

     13: Asher--"his bread shall be fat and he shall yield royal danties" (Gen. 49:20). This peculiar expression could have reference alone to Belgium and the kindred state Luxembourg. From Belgium have come the finest Flemish paintings, the royal tapestries which graced the halls of kings, fine cut diamonds, porcelain and Belgian lace. Belgium and Luxembourg are blessed above many another son of Jacob--"Blessed be Asher above sons; let him be the favored of his brethren, and let him dip his foot in oil"--prosperity. Iron and brass shall by thy bars; and as thy days, so shall they riches increase. Because of uranium, Belgium's prosperity will continue to grow. (The above rendering of Deut. 33:25 is the correct--it is highly obscure.)


     SUMMARY: Here we have a recapitulation of Jacob's prophecy for the latter days, and of Moses' blessings (some of which apply to the millennium). IN ALL THE WORLD THERE IS NO GROUP OF NATIONS SO PERFECTLY CORRESPONDING TO THE PROPHECIES. And within this extraordinary group of nations each nation has its own characteristics. To alter the placement of these tribes would obscure the marvelous proof that each of these nations does represent a tribe of Israel. True, Gentiles are found in almost every one (the Negro, the Indian, the Lapp, the descendants of Javan and Phoenicians), but so was it in ancient Israel. True, in some of these tribes there are to be found descendants of the other tribes--but there are less variations in these continental nations than in Ephraim (Great Britain). Notice, too, that GERMANY does not belong among Israel, although there may be some Israelites still dwelling within her borders.

     In choosing Manasseh as the tribe through whom He does His work, God is using the same pattern as He used for the Levites. God originally gave the priests 13 cities to dwell in, and He added 35 more for the Levites totaling 48. So Manasseh began with 13 primary states which were added 35 others, making 48. Is it any wonder God's work developed in Manasseh--the only tribe that can finance it?

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You have your beliefs and I have mine from going around the religions of man. Scripture interprets scripture and only God can be ones teacher. We live within a world of greed, lies, death and corruption that is nearing its end of man ruling man. When one closely looks at the whole world today with an open mind and common sense with the ability to see reality, there is nothing good to see but a sad ending that grows closer each day. I am not here to argue with you because soon the whole world will come to learn truth during tribulation, wrath and the kingdom to come with no more of the likes of the world today. And thank God for that because world atrocities are sickening.

I don't believe in g*d but I believe that the Bible is a 'Quaint' archaeological relic of little significance.<br />
I am always disturbed by notions of 'Second Coming' and 'End Of Days' etc. and the wild interpreting of 'prophesies' to today's modern world.<br />
You should try to separate the message of the gospels with whatever church leaders have used to further their own ends to manipulate the masses with over the centuries.<br />
Your interpretations are highly speculative and I am not surprised they completely lack cross-referencing or offer some degree of proof. How many thousands of other ways could they could be interpreted?