There are different levels of untouchability. It all depends on the motivation - if I embrace the romantic in me, the dreamer, the lover then the level of untouchability is rather low. Same of me donning the mantle of the Guardian in my never ending need to help and nurture people. But if if I have been scorned, if I have been injured or a slight to esteem has been delivered then rest assured I am highly untouchable. You cannot hold me back, you cannot wound me and rest assured you will burn in my light. You will burn in the incandescent Flame and the darkest, coldest Shadow that makes the winters of Siberia along with the Arctic circle seem laughable by comparison.

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1 Response Mar 11, 2010

ur untouchable in more than that way too. your almost impossible to touch it takes a certain someone to reach into the deeps of your most secret heart to not only see but feel the real, untouchable unreachable you.