Ice Queen

I am so sick of guys calling me this but I do sometimes deserve it. I never let guys get close to me on an emotional level. I rarely look to guys for sex( don't you just love vibos!) but when I do, its always a one night stand. I never contact them again. If they try to talk to me, I brush them off and sometime I hurt their feelings. I know what Im doing is wrong but it's just how I am with men.  Recently there was this guy who REALLY liked me. We started hanging out but he got attatched. I specifically told him I wasn't looking for anything serious but he still went around telling everyone about his new "girlfriend" and pretty much stalking me. For a few weeks I kept hearing snide comments about how a guy was finally able to lock me down and it really pissed me off(no one locks me down!!) When I told him that I couldn't hang out with him anymore, I really hurt his feelings. At first he just whatever'd it but after a couple of days of me not calling or answering his texts, he got angry and pretty much called me out on my bull$hit. He wrote to me in a very long text  that I really WAS an ice queen like everyone said and that I should just jump off a bridge b/c I had no heart and that if I lived to be 1000 I would never develop any kind of compassion and I'd be a cold ***** to the end. The messed up part is that I just laughed b/c he had the balls to tell me what every other guy couldn't say...but I didn't care. So yes I guess I am an untouchable ice queen.

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6 Responses Mar 16, 2010

I hate it when people use 'healthy' to define something non physical

That doesn't make you untouchable because guys HAVE touched you....It just makes you have a relationship phobia, do you have a healthy relationship with your parents?<br />
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There may be many causes, I study psychology, so I may be able to help =]

Well at least you are honest. :) Honesty is a good thing even when harsh. <br />
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But well, I just couldn't hurt people like that (though I'm honest I do it gently and encourage them to move one). Bear in mind when someone falls in love and then gets rejected it is very devestating.<br />
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I personally prefer to be told the truth though, that he doesn't love me back it makes the pain easier, but some people can't handle that and can be destroyed. <br />
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Thanks for sharing your story.

I still hope I dont meet you to be thrown away like a piece of trash.

You out right say you hurt guys and call yourself not a bad person?

I hope I never ever ever ever meet you! No offence :)