A Ghost In The Fog

It goes beyond a mere expression for me. There is no doorway to the ever frosted mass of cold stone that is my heart.
GhostInTheFog GhostInTheFog
26-30, F
10 Responses Mar 28, 2010

It was a grimace ! Pervy ! *throw things at you* I will go play katamari now

Actually, I though the sheer randomness of what Inoue writes would make you laugh. Also, I do not consider creepy to be offensive in any way.

GhostInTheFog this is what I get for jumping to your defense. I will never learn. <br />
I was just reacting to her commit that you sound “creepy !!!” Mea Copa…DD<br />
<br />
Thanks for sticking out your tongue! Mmmmmm good!!!...DD<br />
<br />
EccentricOne please help. I was trying to help GhostInTheFog and now I have two young girls throwing things at me. HELP!!!...DD

lol scary

You should take a look at her profile DD, if you like eccentric people. She is rather far from ordinary.

Dirty old man ! *sticks tongue out*

Ha, I don't want your waffles little girl. I want to pour warm maple syrup on something else and lick it off…DD

Meanie ! I'm not ordinary ! I think creepy is cool and GhostInTheFog is awesome! ( even though she's a bit scary...) Worship waffles ! ( I'm eating some right now but I won't share with you because you were so mean*)

You sound so extraordinary!!!...DD<br />
<br />
Inoue, you sound so ordinary.

You sound so creepy !!!