I Was Once Told...

That 'Normal' is just a setting on your dryer... Whatever that means.

I'm a furry. I'm a mom. I'm engaged to a bi guy, and from what I've heard, usually, its the other way around. I love dill pickles and loathe sweet pickles. I love sour kraut. I have a very specific way of eating Nutty Bars, and feel unsatisfied if I don't eat them 'my way'. I play D&D, I make jewelry, and I have strange desires to collect journals (notebooks), tupperware type containers, stuffed (toy) animals, and things that smell like cinnamon, vanilla, or rose. I read. I write. I draw. I color. I don't drink much. I smoke even less. I prefer legal activities. I don't want to party or go to a bar. Odd for my *age*, perhaps?

Shopping is a form of therapy for me. I really really want a dog. My cat weighs almost as much as my preschooler...

So... Normal is what, now?

iFortiTude iFortiTude
1 Response Jan 22, 2008

you know- i love retail therapy....<br />
<br />
shopping does everybody some good- no matter how much or how little you have to spend...