My First Panic Attack

I've been feeling quite a bit of anxiety here lately. Well this morning was like any other Monday morning at work. We had our usual workers come in getting breakfast or gas or their usual. I was in a pretty good mood because that night had been fairly pleasant. My usual help came in as usual to help me with breakfast rush. We got busy all at once so I got to take my break before I counted my drawer which didn't bother me. So I noticed my mood starting to change after I got off break. My hands started trembling and my chest started hurting. I got really ill out of nowhere. I could feel myself losing control. I stayed that way for almost 2 hours before I got to leave work. After I left work this morning it hit me all at once. It was the worst feeling. I had a friend to talk to me and calm me down. It felt like it took forever for that feeling to pass. I had never felt so out of control and crazy. I don't know if it will have another one but that was a horrible and scary experience.
uniquegothgirl077 uniquegothgirl077
26-30, F
Nov 26, 2012