What do people do when they are depressed?
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Sadly most people Drink, use drugs, or find another unhealthy way to escape. Others find comfort in little things. Personally I've never had people as a resource to get my by depression. I'm a very isolated person, but I've got my ways to try and drive it away. Music is a very great way to escape or atleast find solace in something. Reading, running, biking (Biking is a favorite of mine), any hobby. Distract yourself. Just don't let your mind wander into a dark place.

What to do to help or what to do wh

Do they do
When they are depressed

I tend to huddle into a small ball, and close myself off from everyone. Then, I get ice cream, i dont care the flavour, I try devour my own body weight. And then I start reassuring myself, telling myself the things I am good at, and that experiences can only make you stronger, and wiser.

i run, listen to music, dump my problems here, read a good book, swim, play video games, or bike ride

I cant ride bikes... dont know how...lol

seriously?... embarrassing story i never learned how to ride a bike until i was 12.. i secretly had a fear of bikes

oh, I still don't know how...

its easy.. maybe i can teach you one day

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