Proud to Be Woman

Hi you can call me Jazmin,  I was born and raced in  the Dominican Republic. 

Came to New York at the age of 15 and graduated from HS, wanted to study psychology but I couldn't at the time so started working.  Met my young love and Had two beautiful boys but after 5 years together things were not working well so we separated. I moved with boys to Ohio.

I been here for 3 years now and I love! It is very peaceful, quiet, better to race kids and much more affordable for me.

Its hard to race kids as single mom but me and my boys have a lot of fun. They are great kids.


drhimmlisch drhimmlisch
1 Response Mar 22, 2009

I am happy for you that you have found a wonderful place to raise your boys. I have two great kids myself and there is nothing more wonderful than hearing the laughter of your children. Hugs.