Oh This Is Classic I Just Spent A Half Hour Writing A Story Here And Then Lost It!

And it was really good and i don't have time right now to redo it but i will give you a quick idea of what my point is.(nice sentence structure there)

OK. When it comes to computers, in my opinion, THE MORE IGNORANT YOU ARE IN THE BEGINNING THE BETTER OFF YOU ARE.

Didn't mean to shout, but i was pissed i just screwed up so bad, but am "lol"ing about it nonetheless.

In a nutshell, here's why:
1. There are many different ways to accomplish what you need to do with your computer.(i.e. drag and drop, copy and paste, right click/select when copying or moving files). And people "who know a thing or two about computers" have a tendency to over complicate something that is relatively simple to do. You must learn to do this stuff on your own. Which brings me to the big point i'd like to share..

2. Use Help and Support, and google ANYTHING. If you can't do something, the former will show you how. And if you have already done something and don't know how to fix it... if you type exactly what you have done wrong or at least the gist of it into google, guess what? There is some other hapless soul who has done the exact same thing and you will be able to find the answer to your current dilemma.

Hope that helps. I've only had a computer 19 months and am now a "genius" LOL, LOL, LOL!!!!!!!
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No wonder I've encountered such a problem, two or three times now. It's simply a mistake in communication. I'm not speaking "computer" when i tell it what to do. Or it's not speaking English (or at least the bastardized California version i'm proficient at).