I Am My World

I am my world.
I am my world
My World has no forests, no mountains
No rivers, no lakes, no oceans
No Hills, no valleys ,no streams, no grasslands
Just Flat Lifeless Desert
I am my world
I am my world
I have no moons about me
No birds over me, no clouds on top of me
No air to sustain life in me.
I am my world
I am my world
I am set on a steady circular path
No planet dare be near me
For they endanger themselves
If they do.
Likewise I cannot stray from my path
and damage or endanger others
I am my world.
I am my world
I cannot let things get near me
For if I do
They will be drawn  near me
Crash and burn
And leave a scar on me
I am my world
I am my world
Someday my world will end
Will it burn it up in the warmth of the sun
Or will it forever be tossed out the
Family of planets to be
Forever cold ,lifeless, lost
In the void of space
This is how my world will end
I am my world
D.Arvid Thompson
darvid1 darvid1
2 Responses Aug 7, 2010

Nice poems

if you ARE your world then it would seem to me you have a whole lot of control over whats actually in it. or does that not apply to your worldly laws? if i AM rebeka than no one but rebeka can decide where my wastlands valleys and lakes are placed and in what quantity they exist. all life is beautiful yet only often mistreated by we who practice it. you, at the moment, are one big beautiful wasteland. you are beautiful because you are living. youa are beautiful because there is no and never will be another wasteland like you. and you are a wasteland because that is what you percieve yourseld to be. truth is a perception and so reality is what you think it is. i say, from the poem you just wrote that you have an intriguing mind however it is a wasteland because thats what you have decided on saying it is. <br />
never forget, you are the world you wish to be.