I Am Useless

I am privilaged.
I have the best envrionment I can hope for, but I just cannot do well in school.
I am like two years older than everyone in my class, but my grades are horrible.
Being two years older than everyone is discouraging enough, plus my laziness, I am just destined to fail.
Whatever paractice I do, it does not work, so I gave up.

Me, being a student, is just wating papers.
I am useless.
My teacher, my parents and the earth would be better off without me!
hateme2 hateme2
1 Response May 8, 2012

I lived in a house that went through a hurricane and I had to do two years of school over and I am older minded. So all the people in school are childish and dumb. Can't wait intill I am done with my eduction.