Just Plain Gray!

I have always used a lot of gray and black and white avatar pictures because I find them to be less harsh looking and to be honest I realize that they sometimes more accurately reflect my mood. I am not always a colorful person. Sometimes I feel just plain gray.

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11 Responses Feb 12, 2010

Thank you for saying that Stoner.

I am many shades in gray lol.

Hardly. Bright, vibrant, physically beautiful.

I am too.

You are not a grey person.


Is that an HP toner decree?

Thanks gee.<br />
<br />
Toby, Gray is the new black. lol

Thanks geetar and I appreciate you saying that. It was my signature for many years until and a$$hole to ruin it. I started hiding my face somewhat and I removed my juicyfruit avatar and all of my pics. Many things have changed.

Actually not really. Hold on I will PM you about my age change on my profile lol.

Makes you look much younger too!