After dealing with the cheating that my husband has done to me, many friends have advised me to seek help/therapy. Even though I have finally come to realize it really is an issue/addiction of his-that he can't stop doing this to us...I may need to seek outside sources to heal while still having to deal with him.  I didn't feel I was ready yet to physically seek therapy.  I happened to go online and looked for support groups for cheating spouses and found EP.  I was never one to do anything like this, share, write, profess, confess, and vent out to strangers especially coming from a traditional family.  But since finding EP, I do feel that I am finally starting to heal bit by bit from all the mutual support, advice, experiences, and caring friends whose situations/lives are just as bad if not worse than my own.  I'm still new to it, but to have a place to let go, shout through writing, and vent out on the hardest days has truly been great.  Thank you EP.
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Sometimes it is easier to talk to a stranger than someone who cares for you from friends and family that might be taking "your side" in everything you say. The reason why I joined EP is to seek help from others who have gone through the same experience and/or worse than the one I have been through in the past two days. I am feeling pain and hurt and am finding strength only for the sole reason of taking care of my newborn child. Is it too much to ask for help from others to get my old self back? I feel that I have lost the old me. I am damaged and I am trying to pick up the pieces. Am still in shock from my spouse's infidelity: i feel that I have been living with an actor and/or stranger because who I thought he was is totally different from what I discovered two days ago. I find relief here and am grateful that I stumbled on EP. Thanx

Yes! I feel the same way. It feels good just to know somebody hears you and empathize. Especially when u dont have any friends or family to talk to. If I did I'd only be judged or they'd throw it back up to me at the worst time. I love EP although Ive ran into some "not so nice" ppl they are the minority and if you have a sense of humor as myself thier comments will make you laugh if anything. I figure its the only way they know how to deal with thier hurt or issues.

I am glad it is helping, it is really hard, sometimes...we may change our minds a million time over and still go back again. It is just hard but then no one said life was easy. Yes there are others who may not agree, and sometimes it can get discouraging but I just look at it as this is my life and I need to do what works for me for now, and perhaps they are still struggling with their story. EP helps but there is still much turmoil left. But it is good to know friends and support and be able to go there therefore...Thank you!