3 Months and Moving Ahead Up In the Job

I've been in a position where it takes a while to learn the trade in my field.  I only started near the begining of the year and even though i have been with my company for 5 years. My new bosses thought i was a goof ball.

Oh why do i always smile, why do i always laugh? Cause there really nothing you can do when something goes wrong. I think outside of the box often and when something doesn't seem right, i take the initiative to do it myself.  I first glance at an issue that bugs people at work. Normally i would be in the smoke circle, and no i do not smoke but its fun to just listen to the old operators and find out whats going on. Then i pounce on an issue, read about it, research and find ways to solve what has been bugging the crap out of them.  I don't know everything, but i also am too lazy to work so i build stuff to make myself work smarter not harder.

So i went from training in day shift. Its split into three shifts since we operate 24/7. Ahhh gotta love the schedule.  During this time, i didn't ask much, didn't speak much nut just watched and learn.  And as i saw how things were done, the back of my head is always wondering how to make it easier on me and my fellow coworkers.  Why keep banging your head on a problem?  there was one moment in my day training that i couldn't stop laughing at everything. The people were doing strange and unexpected things. I worked in this field before, just never hands on.  So my boss thought i was incapable of learning this plant.

Boy, i must have done something great or came to they came to there senses. Now after getting put into night shift for about a month, there giving me a chance to go somewhere else and operate a shift on my own. Ironic that my first week, they thought i was just dumb, but in this moment i am one person who they can rely on. Isn't that just the oddest of things when people label you from the begining, never finding out about there employees. 

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1 Response Mar 22, 2009

That's great! Sometimes people lable you without knowing you. Looks like you had your moment to shine and prove otherwise! I hope it only continues to get better and better for you! We night shifters are a hardy, smart bunch!