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Okay this happening almost every night ,i wake up, wash my face, go to kitchen get some water, lay down on my couch cause i will never gonna sleep again if i go back to my bed, so i just sit there open window turn on the night light stand and base put the earphone and listen to my play list, grab some book,and i read till i fall sleep, so all total my sleep is 3 to 4 hours a day, coz i need to get up around 5 am and get ready to work....................!! do you have any advice why do i keep doing that .......let me know???
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4 Responses May 15, 2012

try getting off before sleep

when I was younger, well I was about 3 or 4. When my mther would clean the house when my siblings and I were in bed. The sound of a vacuume would put me to sleep. So the white sound is a good idea.

There is no bad habits involved with sleep depravation, a lot has to do with sleep patterns, the times one goes to bed. try changing your time you go t bed, try soemthing different to help you sleep better, such as go for a walk, try a sleep aid non habit forming.<br />
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Let me know how it goes if you try okay?

I agree. Try something different. Maybe find a white noise that will put you to sleep, fans work really well for most people.

All u need to do is just talk to me, after we finish talking u going to b sleepy, believe me