12 Years Now, Doctors Cant Figure Me Out, Scared With Small Children And No Family

I dont know what is wrong. It came on suddenly like a feeling of death. Like I was having a stroke but I was only 22. Since then its been scary and lifes been difficult. I have the strangest symptoms like blue feet, lips and fingers, I tingle all over and feel off balance. I see things in my vision filed and my pupils get large and small. I have pressure headaches in funny places and m y once sharp genius level IQ has to take a long time to comprehend anything. Im in a fog. Bloodtests and Mris come back normal. Maybe they dont know what they are looking for. I know there is something very wrong and now my heart has been affected with huge palpitations and the cold is unbearable along with the heat. I know its in my CNS and the anxiety and insomnia are unbearable. Every year it worsens. I have small children. Please help. Im losing all hope. 12 years of testing and then nothing, just little quirks here and there that they cant add up. :(

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1 Response Dec 11, 2012

Eat Vi-Shakes or yogurt