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I'm Not Vegan But Even I'm Sick Of...

Every vegetarian or vegan i know ends up having to explain their reasons for being so to every dim-witted small-minded soul at almost every meal. For #%$@'s sake.

Shouldn't it be the other way around? Shouldn't non-vegans (like me) feel obligated to explain why we eat animals?

Sorry, but you're all so nice and patient about it.

abstraction abstraction 51-55, M 8 Responses May 30, 2010

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I recently became vegetarian and it's very puzzling to me why anyone cares if I don't eat dead animal flesh. My internal question is always the same. "Unless you're a livestock farmer, why should you care"??

We are nice and patient about it because most of us are trying to live a more peaceful life.

Thanks for being supportive!

Yes, and not only that many people and food-suppliers treat vegetarians as if they are saying 'You don't want meat?, well **** off and starve then see if we care'
I hope that one day it will be the meat eaters that are unsatisfied when meat eating is no longer the norm. Will that day come? I think it will.

no, meat eaters should not have to explain, either.<br />
<br />
i don't mind explaining. <br />
<br />
what i mind (and try to hide minding) is pictures of meat in restaurants. makes me a bit queasy.

Maj eats meat.Meat good.Grows Maj big.

maj probably eats nails, too.

no i eat them in his sleep

If we all become vegans...3rd generation after us will be anemic and with low IQ.<br />
I like meat.I like grease.<br />
And I don't mind if someone is vegan.Just that they treat it like religion.

excuse me???

I'd kind of agree there....It's funny really. I was invited around to someone's house a few years ago, their mum was cooking and, as it was a saturday, they were going to have fish, chips and peas...<br />
<br />
The mother was freaking out "What will she eat? What will she eat?"<br />
<br />
I calmly asked her what she was cooking......and then I said..."Oh...just chips and peas then, thank you!"<br />
<br />
....and you could have seen the relief! LOL!<br />
<br />
Very funny!<br />
<br />
Some people just don't think.....<br />
<br />
Sometimes....when I'm extremely nawty.....I like to wind people us....just complete BS and see if they go for it....<br />
<br />
They usually do... :-)<br />
<br />
Samantha xx

I'm a very new vegan, I just became a vegan sunday (today is wednesday :) ) and everyone i have told so far have asked me why or went into this long rant about how i wont get enough protein or that its stupid that i wont eat meat. my parents make jokes about the food that i bought. i do have one really supportive roommate who isnt vegan but eats pretty much everything soy, she could be vegan if she didnt eat meat, that pretty much all she would have to change.

I'm supposing that is a compliment? :) I haven't had too much trouble, most people I've met have been open and understanding but there is an uncomfortable feeling at times and I wish it wasn't so but some ppl feel the need to hound you because they think you are wrong.