I Am A Raw Vegan Now

Hello, I have just turned 61 this month and what a year its been so far. 7 years ago I discovered I had pre cancer cells in my breast and had to have a mastectomy and also had a reconstruction done the same day. 2 years ago I had a little scab removed from my face just under my eye which turned out to be a basal cell carcinoma...they were able to remove it all and the scar has healed up beautifully.  Then while visiting my daughter in spain for Xmas this year I discovered another lump in the reconstructed breast which turned out to be another tumour!  I had a lumpectomy done beg of March and my oncologist wanted me to have 2 months of chemotherapy and 2 months of radium treatment.  After thinking about it I decided to take responsibility for my own body finally and heal myself with nutrition.  I am now into my  9th week of being a raw vegan and I must say I am feeling so much better in every way.  I am getting huge support from my immediate family...3 boys and 1 girl and my daughter in law is a Reiki Master who gives me a reiki session every 9 days which I find really beneficial.  However my extended family think I am on a suicide mission including my specialist! I am only sorry I did not start this nutritional body healing when I was in my 30's....it would have saved me a lot of grief but what the hell I think it was all meant to be and better to be healthy growing old now instead of in a state of ignorance! 
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I know coconut has many properties and uses but I never heard of that before !! I'm definalty gonna try that !

Thank you and yes the reiki is just brilliant for getting in touch with your inner self. Another great tip for those of you who want to whiten your teeth naturally is to buy a jar of solid raw organic coconut oil and take a quarter teaspoon of it first thing in the morning, swish it around in your mouth for about 15 mins (maybe while you have your shower) and then spit out. It melts in your mouth after a few seconds. This actually detoxifyies your throat and mouth and cleans your gums and teeth, also freshens your breath. Great to do before you brush your teeth every day.

Good luck with everything and well done, I'm a vegan and want to be completely raw eventually. Glad that the reiki is helping too. Take care.

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I had the tumour removed before deciding what to do and I am completely cancer free now as they did an MRI scan on my whole body just in case it had spread anywhere else. Theres a lady on you tube called Natasha St Michael who is a great advocate of being vegan and she offers good advice on how to, what to and recipes etc.

You should still check with your doctor to see what happened to the tumor. I would do that if I were you. You have a family who loves you that you need to stick around for. Of course continue to be a raw vegan. That's a beautiful thing. I am a vegetarian, but I am trying to be vegan. I will say that I was vegan for a month, but now I am a vegetarian again. It's difficult to be a vegan and I give you so much credit. But please, remember that you should still see what the status is of the tumor. Just go and see and make certain that it didn't matactisized. All the best to you sweetie, and hang in there. You're still young and you still have many years