The Most Interesting Dessert I've Made Using Fruit.

I wouldn't say it's the most delicious dessert I've made but I'd rather say it's  the most exotic.  It is called poppy seeds balls. I can’t promise you that  you’ll get high with these sweets , although they have  interesting taste.

Poppy seeds are from the poppy plant's dried  seed pods which botanically are its fruits as they mature after the flowers are gone and   from which opium is produced. Poppy seeds are used in making cakes, and bread. The seeds are so little, less in millilimeter in length that it takes 3,300 seeds to make up a gram. 
Ninio Ninio
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1 Response Oct 21, 2011

Hi Ninio<br />
So, er, what's the recipe? I am intrigued, but, I love fruit, I love desserts, and I use poppy seeds in baking (you're right - they're sooo tiny! But they are just the thing for rolls and loaves - I like to use sesame, pumpkin seeds too, sometimes oats instead:))<br />
But I hadn't tried poppy seed balls, <br />
Regards<br />