I Have No Room In My Life Right Now For A Lactating Goat.

A new co-worker and I had a conversation about veganism. For me it's a moral issue because of the treatment of the animals. She owns a ranch in Texas, where I currently am, and said that her neighbor's ranch has free range chickens-she personally sees the chickens running all over the place and being treated well. And she herself has goats, one of which is getting to the point of weaning her latest young, but it's not too late to start milking her. Once this milking process has started, I'm told it's a twice daily commitment on the part of the goat's owner for life. My coworker said she's getting past the limit on the number of goats she would want to be responsible for, and that if it's an ethical choice to avoid milk because of how the cows are treated in industrial dairy farms, I could have this lactating goat for free. I declined.
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So if the goat stays at the ranch, what's gonna happen to the goat now? Free-range happy life? Or is she gonna sell / give away the goat since she's getting busy with other goats?

How are you feeling about this?

One thing I can say is your co-worker's farm sounds better than... some industrial dairy farms... So that sounds like a plus.