People Just Do Not Understand!

Vegan since July and wow the comments I get about veganism when I'm seriously not trying to bring it up. I'm 38 weeks pregnant so its kinda obvious when you look at me and I feellike everyone from my family to my doctors all have something to say. I would absolutely not be putting my child at risk for something I wasn't sure about and apparently going to a nutritionist to get a second opinion isn't good enough either for those naysayers. I'm tired of hearing about "that one baby that died from malnutrition" and I'm like "oh the one whose parents were feeding it soy milk instead of formula or breastmilk? Or are you talking about the millions of other babies that weren't associated with veganism?" Get a damn clue. People will just come up with endless excuses to keep their dependence on animals. "How will we know if this product is safe if we don't test it?" Well I'm sure after making about four million types of shampoos we can be pretty sure what is harmful and what is not. Or you could just use something that isn't going to tear your skin up and give you cancer.
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oh, I know, and so many children are obese nowadays and getting Type 2 Diabetes - why do people think that's any safer?? (safer than what? the rare possibility of having to take a B12 supplement once a week??)

I think often times people get so defensive is because deep down, they know you're doing something right and they're not. People don't like to face whats wrong in themselves, and especially for an animal-lover to still be eating animals, a vegan can be really threatening because they highlight the cognitive dissonance in that person.

Very nicely put Solar.

It's amazing how much people cling to their animal products, despite all the research that shows how unhealthy they are! Giving cow's milk to babies is associated with the development of Type 1 Diabetes (I think the risk for developing it is like 13 times more than breast-fed babies), and there are plenty of other issues that animal products can cause.<br />
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That's really great that you're able to have a healthy vegan pregnancy! Congrats on your new baby!