Ordering Vegan At In A Texas Steakhouse.

I travel a lot for work. I do industrial construction so there's a lot of exaggerated manliness, and I'm the leader of the guys so I'm always front and center. We're all good friends even apart from work. There's never more than a half dozen of us, but this week there were only four. Everyone knows I'm vegan and it's no big deal, although I do get the business end of a good-natured joke now and then.

Today we went to some steak house in Texas, since we're here for a couple of months. It's one of those deals where you've got one waitress, but when your food actually comes, it's some kitchen staff person that brings it.

It's hard to feel like a leader among men when a 17 year old girl asks the table, "Who ordered just three sides of veggies? Is she in the ladies room?"
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I so feel ya. It's like hmm.... Salad, salad orrrrrr salad? Likely hold the dressing, haha. Vegan problems :)

Vegan <3


...My sympathies...
...For your next adventure, go to a Mexican place and ask if they used manteca or aciete de begetable in the refried beans.

I confess I don't know what those are...and I probably wouldn't pronounce it right. But I do know that they almost always use animal products in refried beans. It's hard to find any vegetables in Texas without the "and pork"

Manteca=lard, aciete de begetable=vegetable oil. Native Spanish speakers laugh at my expense, but they can actually understand me much of the time...so I'm ok with that.

Ah, you've got an advantage there. I only speak American English, but I'm pretty proficient at it :-)

I have a friend on here, he's a native Mexican... he's fluent in 3 different languages, and is learning a fourth.
He used an English word I had to look up...and that rarely happens, that I encounter a novel English word.
Not even his home language.
Made me feel all sorts of lazy.

That's impressive! I'm always impressed at speaking other languages since I didn't retain anything from years of first French, then Spanish, and finally German.

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