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What brings me to be vegan is the value of life and freedom. The biggest holocaust ever experienced on earth just flies by everybody's faces while they gladly take part in it. Countless billions of innocent beings getting stocked, enslaved, tortured, fed terrible hormone-high diets, and never knowing what it means to experience happiness their whole lives until they're assigned slaughter... it's just something I can not bring myself to be a part of. Offspring being stolen from their mothers to stand in a confined space for all their life while the milk they should be getting goes to us instead. And it is a sickening crime in society that we are lead to believe that their lives don't matter and we are the only ones we should care about. It gets so arbitrary to the point where people believe that these animals don't feel pain or emotions. This is what indoctrination looks like. The diets of all societies where the luxury of meat eating is widely spread is completely bullshit. And for some try to tell me that there's nothing I can do about it like it's going to change anything in my mind is almost insulting on my ideology.
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<3 adoration, meat is murder, dairy is rape!!

Yay for vegan ness! <3

You migh like these websites which may inspire you to become an activist if you aren't already!! :)

http://www.veganoutreach.com (Awesome organization that focuses on leafleting)
http://www.compassionoverkilling.com (Has "We Love Subway" campaign.")
http://www.farmsanctuary.org/ (Amazing sanctuary for animals)
http://www.vegansociety.com/ (World's First Vegan Society)
http://freefromharm.org/ (Brilliant website with a lot of interesting articles and information)
http://www.farmusa.org/ (Many great campaigns. Founder is a survivor of the Nazi holocaust.)