I am [was] Vegan.


I'm sorry to say this, but I had to stop being Vegan. As luck would have it, I had my appendix taken out. Your appendix does the majority of plant digestion, and I was barely getting any nutrients from my food. [Of course, my friends waited until after I'd gotten to an unhealthy weight to point this out to me...] I lost 10 pounds in 8 weeks, which may not sound like much, bet when you're skinny, it makes a huge difference.

I'm still a vegetarian, and I stay away from eggs when I can because I find them absolutely nasty. I'll deal with it in baked goods sometimes, but I really hate it.


I've only been a Vegan for a few days, but it feels like a perfect fit. I gave up everything cold turkey Sunday night (the 29th of July, I believe), making a 30-day vow on GoVeg.com. It started out as a way to boycott the meat industry, so obviously I chose to give up the byproducts as well.
I've always loved animals, and only recently bothered to think about what it's like. I always knew we drink cows' milk, and that mammals produce milk for their offspring, but I never really saw things from the cow point of view, I suppose. To have your baby torn away from you soon after birth so your buddy the farmer can squeeze the milk out of you and make a profit.

I might've stood by being an herbivore if the farmer-cow relationship were still symbiotic, but it obviously isn't. We own the cows, decide when they mate, how often, whether they live, whether they get to keep their children... these living beings exist only for our purposes. That's what got to me. That isn't right.

And I notice on Veganism, I feel a lot healthier, too, so long as i make sure to get lots of protein and calcium. It's for moral, liberal, and health reasons.
Even if my friends think I'm crazy, I'm a Vegan, and I'm proud. :]

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that's interesting- I've never heard of the appendix having any effect on diet (I've always heard that western medicine considered it to be an unnecessary organ).

If you're still interested in veganism, you could find a nutritionist or doctor who is open to it and get their advice. Often times when people who switch to veganism have issues, it's because they aren't eating enough, since plant-based foods have naturally less calories than animal foods, you might need to eat larger amounts or plant-foods, or use more beans and grains.

Umm, I'm not sure what quack doctor you visited who told you that the appendix is responsible for the majority of plant digestion, but I'm sure glad you survived what could have only been a hack surgery! Did that doctor by chance, use an unsterilized chainsaw to remove your appendix? ;) I kid, I kid... anyway, the appendix has more to do with immune function than digestion.

So, don't blame your appendix for your poorly planned meal choices. If ya wanted some cheese, then ya wanted some cheese. Veganism isn't for everyone. But every little bit helps. There's no need to make up medical excuses for your decision to stop being vegan. It's not a contest, and the animals you don't eat still thank you.

Thank you for being kind to the animals and the earth !

...I had my appendix out when I was in fifth grade.<br />
<br />
I'm 22 now, and a vegan of five years.

i thought we had evolved to the point that the appendix doesnt do anythign now? what about pulses, pastas, rice to balance it out?

I went straight from eating meat a couple of times a week to being vegan & i stayed vegan for 5 months :D I'm a vegetarian now, but i still omit animal products wherever i can :D And i now have a lovely addiction to soy milk, its sooo gooodd lol :D

VEGANISM is sort of a way of life where one realizes it is wrong to harm other creatures. It is not just about diet. In this world where a child misguided so heavilly it can be hard to defeat the poor guidance of what was placed upon the child. <br />
<br />
After I changed my diet for the caring reason of not wishing to exploit other creatures I have explored all sorts of other lines of logic as well. <br />
<br />
For example, would I wish someone to wrongly attack me because they say they can not get the "nutrients" they need to survive unless they do that to me? ~ in the run of it they will most likely see how it was misguided of them to wrongly explout me ~ just as it would be seen how it was wrong for me to have mistreated the birds, stealing their eggs and placing them thru pain and suffering. <br />
<br />
My hopes are with you and many others that you may find proper good and safe nutrition in and from either plants or synthetics.

I support you 100%, but be careful. Such a drastic change to your diet all of a sudden can be detrimental if you aren't careful about what your body needs and is used to getting. Hope all goes well for you. Good luck!!

wooh!! this is inspiring! I never looked at it from a cow's perspective....and now that I think about it, chickens are the sorta the same way!