we don't need to slaughter and consume hormone packed animals crammed into cages with their own feces.  free range and organic meats are still disgusting cloggers.
but really, when i read about it i just couldn't do it anymore.
it was an easy transition and i never felt a craving again.
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Meat eaters are WRONG and they need to know they are WRONG. I don't care how insulted they get or how many excuses they make! Just today my aunt said to me, "People are allowed to eat whatever they want, people preaching are the ones that are wrong!" What kind of logic actually is that?? So the people who stand up for what's right are wrong because the majority is always right? Wait a minute, wouldn't that mean slavery should still be completely normal and accepted if nobody ever stood up for what was right? I do believe it would. Live your compassion, go vegan! Stop the slaughter of innocent sentient beings! Stop the pollution! End world hunger! Not to mention improve your health! Jeesh, just freaking go vegan already, what are you waiting for????

When you post inflammatory comments such as this, don't expect others to have too much respect for you or your "beliefs". Consider the truth that some, in fact most people do not want to "go vegan", and there is no way you can make them..."go vegan" if you so choose, but don't try to shove it down others throats as if it is the "only way"!

For those saying veganism is just a "choice" that fails to take into account the animals choice to continue living. We shouldn't make choices that infringe on another being's basic choice.

I think being Vegan depends on the person really. It is an individual choice to become one or not. People get resentful because others are telling them HOW to live THEIR own lives. A bit of a power/control issue there, I find.<br />
<br />
Being Vegan for me is a requirement for my survival on this planet. If I eat any more animal products - it will put me into emergency so fast my head would spin for days on end. I found there is a great danger and a pretty serious health risk for me, if I eat any animal products. My Gallbladder has had enough and so now it is a time to do a complete overhaul of what I eat. <br />
<br />
I have to go on a gallbladder diet. NO ANIMAL PRODUCTS WHATSOEVER!

i eat meat to put those caged animals out of their misery.<br />
i spend more time worrying about those caged animals in Guantanamo Bay, Iran and China.

And another thing, why do so many of you think EVERYONE should be vegan?

An even better choice than red meat, whether it is free range or not is fish and seafood. They contain high quality protein, Omega-3 Fatty acids and other essential nutrients, that are not found in plant sources.

Nope.<br />
There is no nutrient found only in animal products, let alone only in meat.<br />
<br />
The horrors of "free range" farms rival those of traditional factory farms.<br />
The term is a misnomer label created to make the marginally-guilty feel slightly better about themselves while still funding death, suffering, environmental destruction, and the pollution of their own bodies.

Did you ever consider the fact that we do not feel guilty for eating meat?

Many people have a need for some meat in their diet, but free range/pasture raised meat is a better choice and better yet is wild game!!

I don't care whether they feel guilty; I care about the animals one, they are my friends, two, I care about the destruction of this planet because I also live on it!

Do you understand that animals still die to bring you your vegan foods, and wildlife was killed and displaced when your home was built? Do you think all animals are your friends? No, some may look at you as food!