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I tried going vegan a couple years back, but it's no longer a matter of trying, but doing. There's no way I can contribute to animal cruelty or the destruction of the Earth. I was pretty much dairy free, except for cheese (which Is/was my favorite good) until yesterday. Skinny ***** really pushed me over the edge. I just wish more people saw the light. I'm so sick of family members and friends who say "I'd love to be vegetarian, but meat is just too good. I can't give it up." I think that's the most pathetic thing ever. Grow some balls and some will power and just effin do it. The taste of the animal is more important than it's life? ugh.

I really wish I had at least 1 vegan friend. I'm so glad there are people like me out there.

If you've got any great recipes, share them with me! send me a message!


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Balls have nothing to do with not eating animal products.<br />
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My favorite recipe is vegan lasagna:<br />
I mash tofu with a little bit of miso, nutritional yeast, vinegar, soy sauce, and oregano. I sautee some vegetables and add sauce (from a jar 'cuz I'm just not cool enough to make my own), then I la<x>yer it up and bake it for an hour. I sprinkle some tofu mixture and nutritional yeast on top to give it sort of a melty top la<x>yer.<br />
<br />
Also, has a list of uncheese recipes here:

its a matter of being a silent accomplice to mass murder or making simple lifestyle changes for better. i don't get why people have such a hard time accepting that the murder of trillions of animals each year is bad when the loss of just one human life can so profoundly saddening to the same people.