Why Vegan?

It would appear most of y'all are Vegan in order to proclaim your disgust at eating animal flesh & other animal-produced products. 

My wife & I went Vegan in May'07 as the result of reading, "The China Study" by Colin Campbell, Ph, where research has proven the negative effects of eating anything but whole, plant-based foods.  One comment he made was something to the effect that "solutions to 99% of the health problems in this country [USA] are at the end of our forks".  All you need do is look around at the obesity to know that's true.

Raised in Nebraska, the Beef State, eating meat was as natural as breathing.  After that start, buying into the advertising of the likes of McDonalds and their ilk was easy.  No thought was required.

In only 100 days, my wife & I are each down 14 pounds.  Our energy levels are up by 10 times.  She is completely drug free while I have been able to eliminate cholesterol meds & to cut blood pressure meds in half. 

May each of you stick with this program and avoid all the middle- old-aged maladies.  Heart disease, most cancers & diabetes should never plague your lives. 

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2 Responses Aug 21, 2007

I have been a pesco-vegetarian for years. I would eat fish in restaurants, but not at home. I reduced my dairy by 90% but it kept creeping back. So sneaky, that dairy. I also was eating way too much wheat, in almost any form. PBJs, heck yeah.
Enough is enough.
The result is all of the above is an overweight, unhealthy me. I know from previous efforts, that going vegan and avoiding bread, pretty much solves every problem I have.
So, health and weight are my concerns.
But, the entire animal agribusiness thing makes me sick, too.

Cheers my friend. I love hearing people's reasons for going vegan. Yes there are definitely cardiovascular and cancer reduction benefits. <br />
<br />
For me, I guess I always figured that you can find a happy medium eating any type of foods as far as health goes as long as you balance your diet properly. Personally, I went vegan right around 9/11... totally unrelated to the event. During the 6 months prior I had been reading up on factory farming, and growing my sensitivity towards the fates of so many animals... in the US alone billions of animals die each year who have been front row to some of the most malicious treatment. <br />
<br />
It's not that we just kill them. From the minute they're born they're yanked from their mothers, and then immediately the isolation, fear, and horror begins. In factory farms they're caged to the point they can't really move. They're poorly handled and beaten -- designing a world for them of pure horror. A world of pure petrification. Housed in the dark in a massive dirty toilet. It's insanely cruel... all the way up until the end, where they're prodded and beaten into being lined up for their execution. And they know it. They can smell it. They can hear the others.<br />
<br />
They're smarter than we give them credit for. They're all highly evolved mammals with more similarities than differences to ourselves (except for the birdies who live the cruelest of fates).<br />
<br />
I say why be a patron to that when you can be healthier as a vegan and endorse a much more ethical market.

those conditions are really horrible. I'm still shocked when people say they're aware of that, but just don't care. What happened to their empathy? They seem good towards other humans. I don't understand it...