I've been vegan since I was born, its the way I was raised, in fact, coming from an Asian country, its something not so uncommon. But living in Europe, people make me feel bad about it by telling me how much I'm missing out on. At one point, I wished so badly that I could eat fresh, juicy, animal flesh. However, every time I tried it, it tasted horrible cause I wasn't used to the way it tasted.. But after careful deliberation, I realized how cruel it was to eat up another creature just to satisfy your own wants. I am now a proud 16 year old vegan, who doesn't eat egg, fish, chicken, meat, or any other animal meat.
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Your very lucky to be born vegan, I wish I was raised like that. If I were to ever have kids they would be born vegan too :)

What about cow's milk?

That's an animal product, you'd be vegetarian then