Thank You Factory Farms

I used to like meat.  I never thought of the food as animals but I hated, and often avoided, the meat aisles at grocery stores or watching anyone prepare a ham or turkey.  Burgers and hot dogs did not bother me a whole lot.  I was a huge beef jerky fan too.  As I got older it started to gross me out here and there and I didn't eat meat a whole lot.  One day in high school we learned about a few of the nutritional facts of meat and i slowly switched to mainly turkey.  They didn't inform us of how we get the meat, just about the calories and fat.  When I got to college I took a bunch of Human Relations classes and instantly became a vegetarian.  We watched countless documentaries on Factory Farms and what happens to animals behind the scenes.  We watched many documentaries on Golden Plump and Tyson as well as meat packing companies.  We watched this one documentary called Earthlings that I actually had to get up and leave twice (in the first 30 minutes) because I was crying.  I refused to watch the rest and my professor instead had me write a paper.  I joined a bunch of activist groups and I am trying to take action as best as I can.  I have been vegetarian for a year now and I wish I would have made the change sooner but later is better than never.  It has been a piece of cake not eating meat and I read the ingredients on everything.  The hard part about it, is that my family tries to be supportive, but they don't often show it.  They'll say we are getting together for family whatever and cook ham with chicken salad and meatballs, and don't really consider me.  My mom often says "well your doing this little diet thing so you can make your own food" and i try to enforce the fact that being a vegetarian is not a DIET. it is a lifestyle change and a choice.  Maybe as time passes it will stick in their heads and they will start to show and offer more support.  I even try to be the one to cook meals but they never like what I make.
Oh well, I did it for me and my love and support of animals and animal Rights.  
lookonthebrightside lookonthebrightside
22-25, F
May 17, 2012