So Difficult Life

I'm russian raw vegan. I want to start my story in that way because in these five words is a very deep meaning.
Do you know russians? our meal? There are a lot of legents about us on the interenet, maybe too many...But nowadays people start to think about their health, weight and appearence. So, many become vegetarian or vegan, but not raw vegan. raw vegan seams to be a crazy wild guy who wants to kill himself as fast as ppossible.
My family eat meat every day, three times a day! because we have a saying "if don't eat meat, will never be strong". They fry it, boil it and make russian soup, make sausagges, steam it, make cotlets and etc.
I become vegan in China 2 years ago and this kind of life seamed to me impossible. but now I'm alright, feel better. But my family don't want to listen to me, sometimes they must me eat someting cooked...and sometimes I eat(
I want to say that my country, my nationaly are not enoght ready for this. maybe one day the most of people will be vegetarian or vegan, but not now. and it sounds sadly. I love my country, city, nationality, friends, family...but I cant see them eating meat and fish :(
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