i can't imagine what it feels like to never be wrong, never be at fault, never suffer any consequences,  & never take responsibility for anything. i also can't imagine blaming anyone and anything for everything. i don't know if this mind set is a blessing or a curse. i guess i would say the latter. i do know..... i'm pretty ******* tired of always being the one who is wrong, the one who's at fault, the one who suffers & the one who is responsible for everything. it's is a heavy load to carry, and i'm fat already. i gotta shake this parasite off me, its eating my bones. at least that's how it feels.
Paininmyeye Paininmyeye
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1 Response Jan 25, 2011

I can completely relate to you on this. My husband finds fault in me on everything I do. Lately his biggest complaint (or maybe the one that angers me the most) is that I watch our kids too closely. THEY ARE 2 & 4 YEARS OLD *******! Of course I'm going to watch them closely - so yes, now I am even at fault for trying to be a good mother.<br />
Among other things, since I am the main bread winner for our family, if we don't have enough money to buy whatever his heart desires, I am at fault, but if I work too much I'm not spending enough time with the kids. If I don't do the laundry often enough he ******* about having no clothes, but when I do pick up all his clothes (which he throws all over the floor like a teenager) then he says they weren't actually dirty and yells at me for that.<br />
He hasn't worked for 2 years. He sits around the house bitching about everything, yells about everything, screams at the kids, occasionally calling them names and constantly using obscenities. Yet no matter how much he ******* he does not lift a finger to find a job, do his own ******* laundry, or do anything constructive. If I muster up the courage to confront him about it he has this way of turning everything around to make it MY FAULT.