What Happened Victoria's Secret?

Once upon a time you had a great selection of high quality, reasonably priced lingerie and sleepwear. Major downgrade as I surfed your website. Seems like you switched gears and decided to market solely to a younger demographic and get into cosmetics. After the disappointing selection I went on over to Frederick's of Hollywood and scoped there gear, and "oh my", could it be they have better goods? Frederick's used to be trash to me and they catered to a much skankier market, but they have upgraded, while you VS have gone downhill. All that PINK crap and your logo splashed on every cotton/satin gown. Can I even call those nightgowns, because they look like sloppy nightSHIRTS. Remember the days when VS actually sold 100% silk wear. Gone are the days. Plus I would like to mention that after a dozen washes there will be holes in your knickers. Frederick's you may have won over my heart, in the world of modestly priced lingerie.
dustypork dustypork
31-35, F
Apr 10, 2012