Here's My Story.

1.I'm 17teen, Be 18teen in December.

2.I'm tall.

3.I laugh at everything..even when it isn't funny.

4.I like all different kinds of music,it doesn't matter what it is,if its got a good beat i like it...but i prefer country.

5.I'm from Kentucky.

6.I like the color blue, it's my favorite.

7.I'm a UK fan, all the way! <3

8.I don't really like to paint my nails, but if i'm really bored i will.

9.I'm engaged to the love of my life,He's my everything..and i plan to marry him in 4 months.

10.My fiance is a Marine!

11.My stomach is hurting 99.9 percent of the time.

12.I'm anemic..and it sucks.

13.I hate when something doesn't go my way.

14.I still like to have fun, i don't call it immature, i call it a good time.

15.I hate waking up early.

16.I like to fish.

17.I can be mean,but i try not to.

18.I like the smell of gasoline,and spray paint.

19.My favorite candy bar is zagnut.

20.I like meeting new people,and learning about them.

21.Mellow yellow is my favorite soda.

22.I want to enjoy life while i can. 

23.I like pizza will everything on it!

24.I have a dog name Trudy,she's my whole world,i love her so much. 

25.I like quotes. 

26.My favorite subject in school is History.

27.I still like to swing on the swing at the park. 

28.I keep my guard up , i've definitely been hurt too many times.

29.I love to do my make up, and hair :)

30.I don't have a type,if i like you than i like you. 
31.I once broke my left arm..
:) This pretty much sums up everything I want anyone to know about me. :)
Elliepooh Elliepooh
18-21, F
3 Responses Aug 23, 2012

I'll be ur friend

Say Elliepooh, you have an awesome heart. take care of that anemia by checking your blood count every 6 months. Take one Prilosec daily for your stomach. Blessing..

You're so sweet (: I wish there were more people like you in the world. &lt;3

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