Circumstances: Pt 1

I've always been the stable one. The one who gives all her friends advice. The one who always lists "empathy" as one of her strongest traits on all those stupid little forms, quizzes, applications, etc. But then 2 years ago, you changed all of that.

You were someone I considered one of my best friends. You told me I was your best friend too. Like sister and brother, like we used to say. I'd known you for about 8 years, but had recently become super close to you. I trusted you with almost everything, as you did the same. We went to college near each other. We'd see each other in our spare time, and explore the city. Then one day as I was leaving, you said you were falling for me. I apologized and explained that it couldn't work. You were like family, it would be just too weird. You said you understood.

You wanted to meet me for brunch to talk about things. When I arrived, you told me that you were in love with someone, but don't worry, it wasn't me. It was my friend. This, I wasn't surprised by. Everyone always thought she was amazing, you weren't any different. What did surprise me though, is what you said afterwards. You told me that you lied when you said you were falling for me. You wanted to see "how she would react to things when you tell her that you love her, because she and I are so alike." Everything that you had said to me as we were becoming closer friends was a facade, all building up to you ultimately using me as a "trial", as you said, or "practice for the real thing". You asked me for my thoughts and my advice. I said nothing.
ghayebgirl ghayebgirl
Jan 6, 2013