Hmmm???? he thinks it makes him less than a man if he helps his son with homework. says it's not his place to read or study with him. ok...whatever.....does this make any sense to you?????
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Your husband is being neither a good husband nor a good father. You should seriously consider leaving him, especially if you have any way of supporting yourself and your son.<br />
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Does he do other things you disapprove of? Drive too recklessly? Cheat on his taxes? Drink too much? Cheat on his car insurance? Lie to you, especially about little things that don't seem worth lying about? By themselves, these kinds of things are not serious, of course, but taken together they suggest someone with problems. You should consider how good a husband and father he is being in other areas.<br />
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Of course, there could be a much simpler explanation: he might be too embarrassed to admit he doesn't understand his son's homework well enough to help him with it! Even so, he is not being honest with you, and that usually spells trouble.<br />
<br />
Please keep us posted about how this works out.

My family...and I don't believe in divorce, or I would've left a long time ago. Well, yes, he does drive wrecklessly, but he doesn't cheat on taxes or insurance, although I have suspicion to believe he has cheated on me in the past....and still keeps things from me. I think the explanation of him not wanting to help with homework, is he was raised that way. He said his fater never did anything like that with him. He has some sort of hang up about appearing feminine or something I think. I've never seen him cry. He won't hold my purse for me if I need him to. He doesn't like to cuddle and watch romantic movies. I have to always be submissive and "tote" everything to him...take his socks off when he comes in from work...take him a glass of tea....have supper ready....all this while helping our kid with homework. He certainly has issues, but if I ever address it, he yells at me and pouts all day. I have to be the one to apologize and beg for forgiveness before he will act "normal" again or talk to me.

I finally got around to reading some of your other posts, and I think you're getting the short end of the stick. I understand that he's your husband and you love him -- or at the very least you love what he used to be -- but he sounds so MEAN!

If pressed on this issue, the question I think I would ask is this: what are YOU getting out of this marriage?

I have no right to break up other people's marriages, of course (only the participants have), but I think you have an absolute right to be treated with courtesy and dignity, and I think that right is being violated.

Someonefixme, you had some pretty good things to say above; what do you think?

hell no it makes no sense. I think he was raised in such a old school way that its all he knows. He probably thinks his only job is to pay the bills and thats it. I play with my kid, do the housework and i do a normal job. Hes still only 6 so there isnt any home work yet but when that day comes then sure i'll help him with that too. This isnt bragging, this is what parents are suppose to do. It sucks that you married him after finding out this stuff about him.

It's great that you do all that. Well, my husband has a full time job, BUT that's all he does. I clean three other houses, besides my own. I do everything for our son- take him to school, pick him up. Make sure he bathes, eats....and all his needs are met. Cook, wash dishes and laundry....while helping with homework. I set garbage out, cut grass...fix things when they need fixing. He never even has to pour himself a glass of tea. Everything he needs, after he gets home from work, I take care of. He even gets sex anytime and anyway he wants. I never would've thought I would have to spend my life like this, but there is a reason, I'm sure.

omg. Hey, you got a friend in me. If you ever feel the need to let things out, whatever it is, you know who i am now and where to find me. I hate men who think like they are kings. You probably still love him but i wish I could kick his as* back down to earth.

Thanks! haha....Sorry, I haven't responded lately. You've got a good idea there. Things are still the same. Maybe you have an answer to my question I just posted..ha