Again And Again.

My step dad verbally abuses me. When I was younger, he verbally and physically abused me. And now it's usually verbal. It's usually when he's been drinking, or when I really made him angry. But I've always blamed myself. 
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i feel you my dad always verbly and phyiscaly and mentaly abusive. but dont think its your fault. he just needs help which you can give but things well only get better if you make them

Oh dear, I could be your grandmother, but I felt it was very important to tell you that you and so many<br />
others have suffered from this. Verbal abuse or emotional abuse is very damaging to a young person, <br />
and unfortunately a lot of parents don't consider themselves as abusing their children<br />
My father drank and all of mine was emotional abuse. I know how how it hurts and the feelings that are<br />
left for you to deal with. I did not say anything as I was growing up, and as an adult found I also had ADHD which accounted for a lot of my self blame. I'm not saying that this is your case but I do want you to know if the abuse comes with no triggering by you that he's getting his own bad feelings out.<br />
and never stops to think how he is damaging his children. In my case as I grew older my father became tolerable but the damage was done and I was always intimidated by him. If your father poses more of a threat you really should tell someone if there is someone you can trust, (Iknow how that can be too). But do not blame yourself for your father's insecurities. Please seek help if you are frightened. There are people who care and at your age I did not know I could reach out to someone, and I want it to be clear to you that you have this option. It's not your fault, and the anger you hold in is harmful to you. I commend you sharing your story here and encourage you to seek people in your age group to share with, and of course you can talk to me-but just in case you would not feel comfortable talking to an older person, I assure you there are many young people here who share your problems. Good luck<br />
and May God Bless You.