The List

Michiganmom posted  a list like this and I am stealing her idea.

His favorite things to say to me

1. Dumb ****

2. You are ugly & fat, no one would want you

3. You're just a *****.....

4. and a ****

5. Go **** yourself, ****

6. You lazy piece of ****

7. You're just worthless, absolutely worthless...****

8. Such a *****, thats why i don't want anything to do with you

9. I took a huge step down when I got with you

10. I wouldn't touch you if you were the last woman on earth

11. You won't find another man, you're too ugly and fat

12. **** off, *****

13. You don't even have a "real" job ( i work over 40 hrs a week in a veterinary ICU, i am a credential vet technician with a degree! he sits at home all day!!!!!!!)

There is more, but its just a combo of the above things and some "milder" names.
For a long time  I was hearing this daily. Recently he said he would stop. He hasn't.
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what? seriously<br />
you work and he sits at home ant tells u u dont have a "real job"? and the rest of the bs is just immaturity at its most, sounds like the a perfect example of people projecting who they r on you. I think you can replace all that with the male version and u have your friend. Its not even creative XD<br />
Also I have a feeling he cant really stand himself so he lashes onto you, and by your desc<x>ription he has reasons to hate himself.<br />
You need to find someone that is worthy of u and i mean it, i never say stuff like this unless i mean it.

Sugar,<br />
My advice to you....get out now while you can. It's not going to stop, it will only get worse. I have been getting accused with every text message, every phone call, every e-mail that I'm up to something, and then I finally did cheat and he says now that he was always joking before, but that he really has a reason to accuse me now....if I could turn back the hands of time things would be very different. When you get married, have a house and family, things are a lot more difficult to get out of. The feelings of depression will not go away, and he will pull you away, if not forbid you (like my husband) to talk to your friends. Best of luck to you.

i totally understand..i have been living with my boyfriend for 1.5yrs and he is getting worse as the days go by...<br />
like today for instance, i received a text from my sis, and after reading it..went to have breakfast with him..just before i had my first bite, he started making faces at me...when i asked what i have done now...he was like "whose msg did u receive right now that your p**sy is so happy about?"<br />
<br />
these comments and others that i get every single day are ruining my life. i feel trapped. depressed. losing my confidence, and my friends. the only reason i am with him? i love him and he does too..coz the day i get angry at him and threaten to leave him, he cries and apologizes. and the cycle starts all over.

we do see a shrink....4 times a month.