My Older Sister Verbally Abuses Me

After several mean snippy comments towards me I asked my sister why she refused to treat me like a human being, her response word for word "Because you dont act like one" . About an hour later I was in my room she barges in and starts asking me why im in a bad mood, so I told her and confronted her about what she said. She proceeded to lie about having ever said that "Because you dont act like one" She denied the whole damn thing and then proceeded to swear at me and break me down into tears. She also said " I get you're sensative but we can't fix that" I DO NOT need fixing especially since Im sensative and thats just who iam. You dont ******* ask people to change themselves to suit your life. WHAT THE ****!!!!????
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3 Responses May 22, 2012

My sister is exactly the same. My parents know there's something wrong with her but we don't know what. I can't take it anymore. Sometimes we are having such a nice time and then she just ruins it.

My sisters the same except we share a room talk about hell

Believe sister is the exact same way....and would probably say the same thing..I'm so sorry.....:'(