I Want To Stop The Cycle !

hello too who ever is reading this , i am an female of age 14 i realized that i was being verbally abused , by the person i thought loved me the most . my own mother ! today i googled verbal abuse signs & found this :
- yelling
- name calling
- criticizing
- shaming
- swearing
- threatening
- blaming
- refused to discuss what was upseting me ,
- disrespectful
- ridicule
not only was my mother doing that to me , but i even picked up on the trait & starting doing it too my little brother , i actally starting crying when i read the article because i did every sign to my little brother didnt miss ONE , not only do he dont deserve this i dont either , i just want it to STOP , my mother would call me names like stupid , dumb , bastard , pig & even an ***** one time. & i actally started feeding into it. i went from an all A student to an C & D student because of all the stress that dont matter how hard i try shell never be statisfied . . . im sorry im crying while typing this. this is an really senstive subject for me i try to come out an an strong person , i never like my mother to catch me down or crying because it makes me feel weaker or like i have lost the battle but the words she says really leaves an mark i will never forget this as long as i live i just wanted to tell people my story too let them know that this is not okay at all , not only deos this mess with your head , but it messes with your self esteem , big time in the confidence and can cause depression to me alot of stress ! i dont think family or friend will ever think this was happening too me because when my mother out she is just as sweet as can be but too her kids its more to that. i just want advice / help
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Hey, I'm really sorry to hear that this is happening to you at such a young age and that from your own mother. I just wanted to say that I know what you're going through and that I am going through the same thing. Only difference is my foster mother treats me like this. Thank God she's not my real mother, because she is real mean and sometimes real violent. if you know what I mean. <br />
Anyway I just wanted to say that I know what you're going through and I am sorry.

Please dont let your foster mother get away with this, if she is violent she should be reported and should not be trusted with vulnerable children, or children full stop.

This is a very very difficult situation for you and I understand when you say that no one outside will believe you because she is sweet as pie to their faces. Because of your age is there any chance that you can meet with a therapist? If not I would suggest that you read up on verbal abuse, try books. BY Patricia Evans just check on amazon and enter verbal abuse see what comes up for your situation. You will learn some responses that you can say to your mother to hopefully lessen the abuse. You need to think about yourself and your brother keep yourself busy stick in at your school work. It somehow try and get some outside support, you don't have to tell her if it would cause trouble. It is not you, it is her problem. I do understand what you are going through you are not alone

Thanks for the advice tiger , and i will also check out that book that your talking about. Im going too highschool this year and plan on being an straight A student trust me i will not let this verbal abuse get too my grades again , because in the end its going to affect me not her !!