His Favorite Words and Phrases

1. You are so ******* stupid

2.  I wouldnt get mad if you didnt do/say such stupid things

3.  Its your fault, if you only did.............

4.  You are retarded

5.  You are a lazy sack of ****

6.  You aren't going anywhere-meaning in life, or trying to leave the house

7.  Your family doesn't give a **** about you, and neither does anyone else

8.  You will never make it on your own without me

9.  You will have nothing, and be nothing

10.  Your dad told me all about you, he said you were a loser (my father passed away)

11.  You're getting older, what makes you think any man will want you?

12.  You are such a ******* idiot


Thats just the beginning of things he says, getting a divorce is going to be so liberating.


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9 Responses Jul 1, 2008

Divorce can be liberating, but if you've had kids with him ...don't count on it...

When I read these words, it seems so obvious to me that he's abusing you and that you need to get out. Yet in my own relationship I make excuses for my spouse and it's harder to take action. One counselor told me that if someone at work wouldn't be allowed to say a certain thing to do, then your spouse shouldn't either. At my work if someone told you to "f___ off" or called you a "f---ing idiot" they would be fired.

I'm so glad that you are getting out. It's the only way to stop it because as long as you are there, the abuse will continue. My ex threatened to take my daughter. I told him to try because I knew if I lost, I would just go to another country and he would never see her again. He didn't want her, he was just trying to control me. He almost killed his second wife twice and molested his third wifes daughters. Men who abuse have major emotional issues and need intensive help. We are not there to counsel them or make them better. They need to acknowledge that they need help and then go get it. It's the only way they will change and that is not our problem. I met my new husband after 20 years of being divorced and he treats me like the Goddess that I am. No one should ever put up with abuse of any kind, man or woman. I am so glad that you are taking a stand. Kudos to you and good luck. You rock!

Abusive men don't really want to take their kids, then it takes away from being the center of everything.

They always threat to take the kids and they don't. even if they try they won't get them unless your a prositute working at home taking alot of drugs. Just figure where your going to 1st and leave with your daughter when he's gone. No one deserves to live that way. Even when they convince you no one else would take you. That's all controlling behavior.

WOW sounds like my Husband..... Except mine threatens to take my 8 yr old daughter away from me... I wish I had the courage to leave

Verbal abuse is so horrible.....Been there. When you hear it so many times a person starts to believe it. I'm happy for you he didn't get the best of you. You Go Girl! Pun intended.

and dont they make you feel like the only one in the world who is a nothing.......I had one of those except he is now experiencing the self fulfilling prophesy...its just unfortunate that he now tells his daughters the same things he told me....he calls them F$%ing S.....ts....w......s............ dumb c%$$ts.........what can you do.......?<br />
good on you for leaving and dont ever look back.<br />

Wow. I'm speechless. Yes, by all means leave. That's intolerable. No human being should endure that.