Please Stop

Ive been with my boyfriend for almost a year now, we both have outgoing personalities, but also share a temper. His is worse than mine by a long shot. For the past week I have been trying to get him to be intimate with me, and I was always denied, now I understand that he's tired or just isn't into it, and I understood kissed him goodnight and went to sleep, that's it, no harsh words or anything. Tonight I tried again, and was also denied, now at this point I'm starting to feel un-attractive to him, but I just rolled over like usual, said I love you and was preparing to go to sleep. Five minutes later his hands are in my underwear, by now I'm completely out of the mood, and I said "baby, I'm sorry but I'm not into it anymore, I'm not in the mood". This was not at all said to get back at him, (which is what he thinks) i said it simply because it's true i wasn't in the mood. He started yelling at me saying that we're even, because he denied me so now im denying him which isn't the case at all. He called me a ************, and a ******* idiot, and also said I was being bitchy, not once did I ever say rude and hateful things like this to him when I was denied all week, never did I ever snap at him. Finally after he yelled at me for nearly ten minutes I said "robert, just shut the f up, shut up" looking back I shouldn't have said it but I was to the point where I broke. I have been denied all week, and just because his denial finally broke me to the point where I don't feel pretty anymore or sexy, I get mocked and cussed at. We are about to move in together, and last week we got into a fight and he had thrown a glass across the room shattering it. We fight about 4-5 times a week, every little thing seems to bother him. But when we are good we are great, which is why I haven't left. I don't want to leave him I love him, I just wish he wouldn't be so hateful. I ask him to just think about what he's saying because maybe then he'll see that its wrong, but he won't. I try to defend myself and explain myself to him, but if I'm doing that then I'm just a defensive bitchy girl who always thinks she's right.
He left me up alone in his room while he sleeps somewhere else, after calling me a mindless idiot and slamming the door, I'm also a woman-child who can't keep her mouth shut, but if I do then I'm ignoring him and am also wrong for that.
Please give me some advice, I don't know what to do. My family says its emotional abuse what he does, and sometimes I find myself believing them, because I'll cry myself to sleep some nights after being called another name or being made feel guilty for stuff he does more than me. Please any advice would be appreciated.
CD1991 CD1991
18-21, F
Sep 11, 2012