It Remains With You

The verbal abuse is like a gang initiation: you're in it for life.  The verbal abuse against me, the abusive way people talk to women, especially other women, will probably be something that stays with me throughout life.

I deal with it by being amoral.  If I don't think in terms of good and evil then what they do to me won't feel so evil and hurtful.  It will just be like a tidal wave or a volcano that erupts.  It will just be natural.  Nothing to be upset about.  And things I do to them in turn won't be evil either.  That way they know they can't just get away with treating women that way.

Since I don't believe in good and evil that means I can't believe in the Christian God either, because that would mean believing in good and evil.  And believing in good and evil just causes my mind to focus on all the evil that has been done to be or will be done to me and I can't live in that kind of pain.


Elle2k Elle2k
1 Response Aug 25, 2008

I'm sorry for You...On a couple of different levels.One that Your going through that.and second because You don't know the Love of the one that can take that pain away.I will keep You in My prayers.I hope that didn't offend You,I didn't mean it to.I have just been through the verbal abuse as well and God DID take away the pain and sting of it.God Bless You hun.